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VK Model Aircraft - Historical Model Photos

VK Mach I Final Prototype
VK Compact Final Prototype
VK Navajo

VK Corben Super Ace

VK Model Aircraft Company of Akron NY 14001 was founded by Vern Krehbiel, a long time member of the Pulsers.  He passed away in 1998, having sold his company to Proctor Enterprises in the Oregon.  Proctor still manufactures the VK Camel, Neuport and Fokker DR-1.
Vern is a member of the AMA Hall of Fame.  More historical information about Vern and the VK Model Aircraft Company is available from the AMA web site.
Vern's first kit (low volume) was the VK Mach I.  The final prototype built by Vern is shown to the left.  It was initially built in 1959 and modified many times by Vern, prior to the production of the kit version.  It has a very large fuselage for radio equipment at the time, a swept back wing, and was followed by a second kit, the VK Compact that was a smaller version also available in kit form.  The final prototype of the VK Compact, built by Vern in 1960, is also shown to the left.  Both are one of a kind models.
The VK Mach I prototype was restored by Mike Charles in 1998, updated to make it flight worthy. is currently in ready to fly status.  As it is one of a kind, 50 years old, and the covering and painting original - flights are done with care!  The VK Compact prototype was also restored in the same manner as the VK Mach I in 2011.
The VK Compact led to the VK Challenger and then in 1967 the VK Navajo, shown to the left.  This plane was built by Mike in 1998 and is flown regularly at the Pembroke Flying Field.  Other kits that followed include the famous Cherokee, and three World War I 1/6 scale model kits.  Production in Akron ceased in 1985.
A kit box from the final kit released by VK Model Aircraft was the Corben Super ACE shown below.  It was acquired at auction by Mike in 2000 and built the same year.