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VK History and a photo provided by Paul Martin

Paul Martin was a master at building model airplanes in the 1960s and 1970s, for the VK Model Aircraft Company and still is a resident of Western New York.  At one time, he was a member of the Pulsers and flew at Pulsers field.  He has shared a bit of VK history and his role with the company.
Paul was a close friend of Vern Krehbiel, the founder of VK, and his big dog "Max".  Paul notes that he built two prototypes of the VK Neuport 17 for kit production.  The first was for Vern (pictured below) that was used in VK advertising and a second for World Engines (used on the cover of their annual catalog one year).
Paul's first VK kit was the VK Compact that suceeded the VK Mach I.  He mentioned that the best flying plane he ever had was a pattern plane that Jim Kostecky of VK drew plans for, based upon the VK Cherokee wing.  Paul no longer has any VK kits, kit plans or planes, but still flys when he can.
He pointed out that at the time Vern was at the decision point of producing the VK Neuport 17 kit, that alternative kit was being considered.  This was the Ford Fliver (a picture below not of the prototype).  Paul built two Ford Fliver prototypes, one for Vern and one for himself.  The Neuport 17 won out and the Ford Fliver never went into production as VK focused on World War I model kits.